Owner: Greg Roedl

Greg has been in the remodeling industry for over 30 years. As the owner of Marathon Services, LLC, Greg is dedicated and detail oriented. He feels strongly that each project should be done right the first time. Which is why he works with select plumbers, electricians, and painters along with several other professional tradespeople. Greg’s diverse residential remodeling and new construction experience makes him well suited to journey alongside his customers through their remodeling projects. Personally, Greg enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, hunting, running and playing his guitar.
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We are also a proud supporter of myTeam Triumph!

myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin is on a mission to eliminate social isolation through athletic mentorship. The programs that are provided by myTEAM TRIUMPH provide life-changing opportunities for individuals with disabilities that help turn loneliness into inclusive relationships, depression into purpose, and insecurities into confidence. The dollars donated to myTEAM TRIUMPH would ensure that the programs offered to Captains and Angels throughout Wisconsin would continue to be offered. It would ensure that we would continue to provide life-changing experiences. It would ensure that we continue to build a more inclusive community!

To donate to this wonderful cause, click here or on the logo!

The photo above is a lake located in Northern Wisconsin, where Greg likes to spend time with his family and with nature.